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Growing wealth : The Funds Ve'daa way

We are often asked where the name of our company comes from. The more timid tend to hypothesize roots in Indian culture, while the more audacious suggest that we may have made a wrong mix of Knowledge with Funds. However, few seem to notice the strongest element, the key which effectively represents our essence.

The name "Funds Ve'daa" derives its origin from Arthashastra written by Aacharya Vishnugupt (Chanakya). Arthashastra is an ancient treatise on the art of politics, statecraft and economic policy. When translated, the word Arthashastra means "Scripture of Wealth". The term Ve'daa – "Knowledge", "Wisdom" is derived from the root "Vid" – "To Know" in Vedic Sankrit. This being the underlying essence of the term "Funds Ve'daa" articulates and speaks for itself that profound knowledge of every facet, of all the elements that exist in the realm of the financial orbit is imperative.

Funds Ve'daa is an organisation that provides Mutual Fund Distribution services. We are based in Agra.

To us, the key to achieving sustainable financial prosperity is knowledge. At Funds Ve'daa, we have a clear policy to be ahead of the development and always seek to acquire the information necessary to suggest the most beneficial and up to date options.

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