Client Advisor




In order to deliver top notch services, we carry out extensive investment on fund houses and their schemes. Apart from relevant statistical measures to the risk return portfolios of the scheme, we also examine the intanglibles such as investment philosophy and management quality of the Asset Management Companies.

We analyse tools and methodologies to judge quantitative performance of mutual fund schemes. All aspects of the schemes, such as its risk return profile, its sector weights, diversification strategy and consistency in performance is monitored closely. An investment decision is made only after in-depth fund analysis and having you in conjunction.

At Funds Ve'daa we regard personality profiling, which is considered as an enigma, to be one of the cornerstones of our profession. When we acquire a client, we identify their underlying requirements, examine their current life stage, time horizon for investments, and understand their approach towards financial goals. Only after we fully comprehend their financial needs that are typical to him.

After we have conducted extensive research to assess your unique financial needs we will allocate funds in various schemes of mutual funds to meet your investment goals. Our job does not stop there. We will constantly send out monthly Valuation Reports for your monitoring in case you require us to to redeem units or buy units or tweak your portfolio structure according to the need of the hour.

Structuring and designing investment portfolios, while categorising into different asset classes, we fabricate portfolios in sync with your financial personality and investment objectives. As we have established relationships with our clients that we are cherishing, we go far beyond just constructing portfolios based on a bunch of data. While we are not undermining the need of data and the use of various statistical models, we treat each portfolio with utmost care and with due diligence and see to it that the schemes investment philosophy is in line with yours.

Since we are responsible for taking you closer to your ultimate financial destination, we will apply the required financial metrics to seek out the schemes that are best suited to your altered needs if and when you require us to do so.